Artist Name : Aanya Age : 5 yrs.

My Pet Fish

Artist Name : Audric Thakur Age : 11 yrs.

Pokemon Sketch

Artist Name : Ayuksh Roychowdhury Age : 7 yrs.

The Waves

Artist Name : Ira Datta Age : 8 yrs.

Maa Durga

Artist Name : Protistha Ganguly Age : 12 yrs.

A Bird

Artist Name : Rishab Age : 9 yrs.

Pujo Asche

Artist Name : Rudrrayan Age : 10 yrs.

From the Pirates of the Caribbean

Artist Name : Rudrrayan Age : 10 yrs.

Taj Mahal

Artist Name : Satvik Nath Age : 12 yrs.

A view from my study

Artist Name : Shayoni Banerjee Age : 8 yrs.

Colourful house with a flower garden on a sunny day and she has particularly emphasised how close the birds fly around her house

Artist Name : Shriya Datta Age : 6 yrs.

Maa Durga

Artist Name : Taanisha Banerjee Age : 15 yrs.

Representation of Ma Durga in a colourful natural free flowing form with the 3rd eye opened to signify deep insight into the self. The fiery colours reflect Her strength and power. The abstract form marks a shift from the traditional form

Artist Name : Siddharth Deb Roy