An Appeal : London - Kolkata Direct Flight

BIBA team have decided to initiate a signature campaign for Direct Flight between London Heathrow - Kolkata. Many of you know until 2005, we have had two direct flight services between LHR and CCU one from Air India and the other one from British Airways. For some unknown reason both the services being stopped. As a result BENGALIs, BIHARIs, ORIYAs, ASSAMESE, even BANGLADESHIs who want to visit their own states through Kolkata now a days taking various alternate routes to reach Kolkata from London, and time increased significantly from 9 hours to anything between 14 hours - 30 hours.

It is extremely difficult to transfer from one flight to another, if the passenger is elderly, does have serious health issue or travelling with kids. Moreover lengthy waiting time in Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Delhi and Mumbaietc, actually consume our valuable time which we could have spent with beloved family back in India.

We have already approached Air India management, they are seriously thinking about restarting this direct service.

If you want to support this campaign, not only fill up tis form , but share with all your friends to make it happen.

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